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Reactions to the 2019 Draft and Other News Antworten

"Now that we’ve all had a few days to let the 2019 NFL Draft sink in a bit Daniel Kilgore Jersey , how are you all feeling about our Miami Dolphins? I think we can be hopeful after what Chris Grier did with the Draft. We filled some needs, gained an awesome slightly (okay maybe very) passionate energetic defensive lineman, managed to get a (top 10 pick in 2018) quarterback with two draft picks and a cheap salary, and several other great players. You’ve all probably seen the list, but here ya go again. Draft ReactionsFirst off, I’m giving Grier and the rest of the Dolphins’ staff an A on this Draft. I have a hard time understanding fans who are disappointed in how we did. I can see those who may have wanted a quarterback such as Murray (was not happening), Haskins, or Lock being upset. I get it. We desperately need a franchise quarterback but we also need other players. But first, I think we can all agree and be glad that we’re not Giants’ fans? There was a rumor and video clip, circulating that Thursday morning, saying the Dolphins were possibly interested in selecting Daniel Jones. Yes, you probably said, “Oh please God no!” like I did when I saw that, but thankfully the Giants beat us (I don’t think Grier was interested anyways). Thank you for all the potential hilarious memes/jokes that will be circulating because of your pick Giants. Take this one for instance. Good one, right? Definitely a reach there Giants. But,, overall I think we did alright.I watched the Draft at our Atlanta Dolphins’ fan club meeting spot with a fellow Fin’s buddy. There were a few Falcons’ fans there and they kept saying we would select Haskins. I kept saying no. I just didn’t feel like Grier/Flores wanted to use a first round pick on a quarterback. Before I go into my initial reaction here’s the deal. I was mentally prepared to be bad this season. We signed cake loving Fitzpatrick. We’re not supposed to win much with him and I accepted it. I was all aboard that 2020/2021 quarterback draft year train. I have been looking forward to having a season where we know we will be bad, but knowing it would be for the best. I know I wasn’t alone in that thought process. Right? We have a lot of holes to fill so I assumed that’s what we would do this draft. I was ignoring and dismissing all the quarterback chatter. I was hoping for someone like Wilkins. If you listened or read up on any mock drafts was listed as our potential pick on several lists. I was sold. Clemson’s defensive line was solid. I would have been happy with anyone from that team, to be honest.Back to Thursday, as many of you were probably doing as well, I had my phone in hand with Twitter ready to go and hoping I would be cheering and not yelling. Grier did not disappoint. These fellow Falcons’ fans weren’t so happy though. They wanted Wilkins. P.S. You’re welcome Houtz. So, yes, I’m happy with our picks. How can you not like a guy like this? The rest of the picks Youth Andrew Van Ginkel Jersey , I’ve heard mostly all good things, which is always a positive.I have not read heard too much about OT Isaiah Prince, but here is a quick clip by John Congemi discussing top qualities about Prince. I asked my brother about Auburn’s Chandler Cox and he said, “Well he was about our only fullback and was an awesome blocker. He’ll be good.” My brother loves Auburn football as much as I love the Dolphins, so he was the first person I asked when we acquired Cox. If you want more of a breakdown here is Congemi again with another summary of our draft pick. Overall, I’m looking forward to this off season as we follow along with training camp to see how these newly acquired players do.Josh RosenOver the past couple of days many people have expressed their views on the Dolphins and Josh Rosen trade. Most are saying the Dolphins made a smart move. There are some who disagree, like beat writers Omar and Armando, but ultimately their opinion is just an opinion. Just like mine. We’re not the GM of a NFL team. As fans we support our team, pray that the front office knows what they’re doing and watch our team win games and ultimately the Super Bowl.I wanted to see what all was being said about the Rosen trade, now it’s been a couple of days and he had his first official day with the Dolphins.Below are some of the clips/tweets that crossed my newsfeed. First off, former Dolphins’ writer Ben Volin had this to say about the trade. He’s not wrong.Now let’s look at Josh Rosen’s thank you video again. Very classy of him to do, especially considering how Cardinals parted ways with him. You may have read or heard rumors about the relationship between him and former teammates/coaches being a negative one. Not so sure based on this tweet by Barry Jackson. Based on how he handled his first press conference today as a Dolphin, I think it’s accurate. In case you missed it, the Dolphins had a press conference yesterday to introduce Josh Rosen. Personally, he handled that press conference very well. I watched half of it live while at work, but went back later and re-watched it again. Here is a brief clip from it. I’m impressed how he handled the questioning. He came across very professional and honest. Someone asked him how he is feeling about the adversity and how uncomfortable he must be with this process has been and Josh replies with, “Your words.” Perfect response in my opinion. He continued with, “It’s another hurdle you gotta step over. You can’t look too too far ahead or in the past. Just gotta keep your head down.”He went on to say you work hard and hope in the next coming days, weeks, and years you look up and it’s been successful. I think that impressed me most because I can relate to that feeling. I apply that in my own personal life. My other passion in life is weight training (over 8yrs of various weight related sports) and I’ve definitely had some rough years and those times I just had to keep telling myself, don’t compare nor focus on the past and just keep giving all I have each day and go from there. We’re allowed to be critical of Rosen and it’s expected, especially as fans who had years of an average quarterback, but I feel we do owe him a chance to prove he is indeed a franchise quarterback. Let me state though Josh Sitton Jersey , I’m not necessarily saying multiple years, but let’s see how these next few weeks/months are and go from there. Here’s a couple well made film breakdowns of our newly acquired quarterback. The first one is from his rookie year with the Cardinals. Good stuff. Not enough? Here’s Josh Houtz with some more film breakdown. Solid work there Houtz!Now, like I mentioned, not everyone agrees with the Josh Rosen trade. I for one was not happy about it at first. However, I’m learning to accept it and hope for the best. The last thing I want is for Rosen to be a bust and we potentially wasted a couple draft picks because of it. If we’re honest, you can say that about any new young player. We don’t know how someone will transition into the NFL from the Draft. It’s a risk every team makes. Ultimately as Dolphins fans we just don’t want another 7 years of, “This is our guy and he just needs a decent O-Line” like we did with Tannehill. I truly believe Grier will not put us in that position again. Let’s look at the positive of it, we have enough picks next year to draft another QB if he doesn’t impress us. I will end the Rosen talk for now with this.Kinda cool, eh?Final ThoughtsWe have a new coaching staff, two new quarterbacks, several young new and returning players, and several months until the 2019 season begins. I have no idea what to expect for this upcoming season or who will be our starting quarterback, but I’m going to enjoy the process of watching it all unfold, our team develop, and to see what our identity will be (please no corny season slogan tho like in the past). This is a slow time now for most of us football fans. Most weeks leading up to the season will be discussing individual players, coaches, new signings, and ultimately wondering who will make the final roster cut. I’m looking forward to getting to know our new Miami Dolphins team. Hopefully you are too. DAVIE, Fla. (AP) — On the same day NFL interception leader Xavien Howard was honored as the AFC defensive player of the week, he sat out practice with a sore knee.So it goes for the Miami Dolphins, with injuries continuing to outnumber achievement.Howard joined his team's long injury list Wednesday, and his availability is uncertain for this week's game against New England . Fellow Dolphins cornerback Bobby McCain said he was confident Howard will play. Coach Adam Gase sounded less optimistic, describing Howard's status as week to week.Gase declined to rule out surgery Andrew Van Ginkel white jersey , but said he expects Howard back this season.Howard was hurt when tackled returning an interception during Sunday's 21-17 win over Buffalo . He missed one play and then rejoined the lineup, but the injury worsened after the game.Howard has seven interceptions, including two in each of the past two games, and had two interceptions the previous time he faced Tom Brady. Howard seemed destined for his first Pro Bowl, and Gase didn't try to sugarcoat the magnitude of losing the third-year pro."If you throw the ball at him and you're inaccurate, he's not just going to knock it down — he's going to pick it off," Gase said. "He's one of our best players, if not our best player, on that side of the ball. You're not going to replace him."The Patriots, already favored by more than a touchdown on the road, would love not having to worry about Howard."He's an outstanding player," coach Bill Belichick said before learning of the injury. "He's got very good instincts, very good ball skills. The interception he made against us last year and the one against the Colts this year were two of the best plays a corner could make, getting in good position and then finding the ball late and making a good catch. He's a playmaker."Led by Howard, the Dolphins (6-6) have used turnovers to stay competitive . They rank second in the NFL with 19 interceptions and third with 25 takeaways.As a result, they're on the fringe of the playoff race despite a depleted roster. Gase said weeks ago his team couldn't afford to lose any more players, but the season-long wave of injuries has continued."We're losing guys left and right," he said.Said rookie defensive back Minkah Fitzpatrick: "It's hard to win games without the people you started with."Eleven players have suffered season-ending injuries. McCain, for one, said Howard's injury isn't nearly that serious."He'll be just fine, I promise," McCain said. "Hopefully we can get him back Thursday or Friday."

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