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01.09.2018 04:51
Cahoon and Uzooma Okeke will be inducted into the Canadian Football Hall of Fame. Montrealer Wally Buono, who won two Grey Cups Antworten

Got a question on rule clarification, comments on rule enforcements or some memorable NHL stories? Kerry wants to answer your emails at cmonref@tsn. Authentic Auden Tate Jersey .ca. Always enjoyed watching games you officiated, and also really enjoy your columns and interpretation of the game. I have a question regarding Sundays game - Colorado at Winnipeg. Zach Bogosian high-sticked Matt Duchene late in the first period. Duchene was immediately assessed by the ref and Bogosian was given a double minor for high-sticking, so obviously drew blood. That call was perfectly fine in my opinion, and the proper call. What I question is that Duchene was allowed to remain on the ice for the power play and Colorado scored almost immediately on this man advantage. If a player is in fact bleeding/injured as a result of the penalty, how can he be allowed to stay on the ice? Is there not a rule against this, or is there other reasons that Bogosian gets four other than drawing blood? Thanks for your time, and looking forward to your response. Gary Smart Miami, Manitoba -- Gary: Thank you for the kudos and being a regular follower of Cmon Ref. When a high-sticking infraction has been committed, the referee must determine if the presence of an injury exists before he assesses a double-minor penalty. Blood from a cut provides the most obvious evidence of injury. The quantity of blood needed to determine whether an injury has been suffered is not spelled out in Rule 60.3; simply stated that the referee shall assess a double-minor penalty for all contact that causes an injury, whether accidental or careless, in the opinion of the referee. Typically, referees do not look deep into a players mouth to find the presence of blood but broken teeth or chicklets being spit out are clear evidence of injury. Matt Duchene took a pretty solid whack in the mouth when Zach Bogosian accidentally clipped him with the raised shaft of his stick. Referee Tom Kowal obviously saw the presence of blood on the lower lip of Duchene and determined that a double-minor was warranted. What the replay doesnt show is if Duchene went to his bench to receive some quick medical attention or at the very least to wipe away the evidence of blood before assuming his position at right wing on the end zone face-off. To answer your question, the NHL does have a blood rule (8.3): A player who is bleeding or who has visible blood on his equipment or body shall be ruled off the ice at the next stoppage of play. Such player shall not be permitted to return to play until the bleeding has been stopped and the cut or abrasion covered (if necessary). It is required that any affected equipment and/or uniform be properly decontaminated or exchanged. I would suggest that Matt Duchene likely suffered an abrasion. I would have insisted that Duchene have any evidence of blood removed from his mouth prior to participating on the power-play; which referee Kowal might very likely have done. Duchene would therefore be eligible to take his position without any delay caused by medical treatment at his players bench. Play was stopped due to Winnipeg gaining puck possession on the delayed penalty call to Bogosian and not due to an injury suffered by Duchene. Had Duchene lain on the ice and play was stopped as a result of an apparent injury, he would have to be substituted for and could not remain on the ice until play had resumed (Rule 8.3). At that point he could re-enter the game on the fly through a legal line change or at the next stoppage. Each referee will exercise his opinion or judgment, if you will, as to the legitimacy of any suspected injury. I have had players appeal for a double-minor to be assessed when all they had was a slightly swollen lip or a minor abrasion. I didnt bite on a lack of evidence such as this and have told some players I suffered a worse cut shaving than the one they were attempting to sell me. Speaking of biting, I shared a story on Twitter the other night from a game I worked in the old Spectrum in Philadelphia when Murray Craven was attacking the net with a defender giving chase. I saw Murray chomp down on his lip at least three times after the defenders stick slapped him on the pants. When play stopped, Craven had a little trickle of blood on his lip along with evidence of teeth marks. Needless to say Muzz didnt draw the call; only his own blood. When I told him that I saw him inflicting his own wounds his response to me was, You cant blame a guy for trying. It doesnt take a medical degree to determine the presence of injury before assessing a double-minor penalty; just some common sense and on occasion a little investigative work. Authentic Josh Shaw Jersey . -- The Orlando Magic have made no secret that the future of their franchise will depend on how well they can develop their young players. Authentic Clint Boling Jersey . Last year, Matt Kuchar closed with a 4-under 68 to beat Kevin Chappell by two strokes for his second win of the 2013 season and sixth of his career. . On Monday night, many fans in this city placed the blame squarely on the captain for his role in the James Neal overtime winner against the Pittsburgh Penguins.The Montreal Alouettes announced Thursday that the club will be hosting the 2014 Canadian Football Hall of Fame Induction Weekend that will take place on September 20 and September 21. It marks the first time that the annual event will be held in Montreal. The team will be well represented during the 51st induction ceremony, as Ben Cahoon and Uzooma Okeke will be inducted into the Canadian Football Hall of Fame. 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